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Weekly Economic Summary - June 25, 2010
OVERVIEW ~ June 14 through June 18 ~ Though the week had its share of weak indicators, the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to rise fairly steadily from its beginning level of 9816.49 to the week-ending 10450.64. The 10-year Treasury note, reflecting apparently greater investor confidence in the world economy, rose about 10 basis points over the week and, even more tellingly, the price of a barrel of oil climbed from $71.69 to $77.35. The price of oil usually rises when investors expect the economy to improve and demand for fuel to rise. The downside of these signs of strength was a 10% decline in new housing construction in May, along with a drop in permits for future construction. This probably was behind the decline in the June National Association of Homebuilders survey of builder optimism, which fell from May’s 22 to 17.
FOCUS ~ The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Mortgage Applications Index, compiled by means of a weekly survey of about 40% of the nation’s mortgage lenders, suggests an easing or ending of the decline in applications that followed the effective end (April 30) of the $8,000 and $6,500 homeowner tax credit program. Purchase money mortgage applications had fallen by more than 35% from the end of April to the present, with a sizable 27.1% decline in the week ending May 14.
After the major decline, the purchase money index continued to fall by 3% to nearly 6% for the following four weeks. The index level reached its lowest point in the recession and industry analysts worried that the real estate recovery might fall into a second major slowdown. In the week ending June 11, however, the index finally turned up, rising 7.3%.
One week does not create a trend, of course, but it does, in this case, end a downward slide. Many analysts have wondered if record low interest rates would attract more buyers. This seems to be the case because the savings a qualified homebuyer experiences based on lower interest rates are significant.
Other homeowners, meantime, are making their current homes more affordable by refinancing, as is evidenced by a recent 21.1% increase in the number of applications for refinancing loans. And the gains in refinancing applications and purchase money applications are causing many analysts to think positively about the real estate market.--
"Live the Old Florida lifestyle in Palm City, Florida".

Carol Barron-Cross, Yanick Realty
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PALM CITYS HORSE TALK: Stuart-West Lot for sale

Stuart West, Palm City, Farms, Palm City, Florida is an upscale gated neighborhood that has a tropical feeling and country  and equestrian estates. This very nice lot is located at 9787 Santa Monica Drive.  The 2.18 acre lot has an eastern exposure.  The lots in Stuart West have canals that meander within the community. This lot has some trees for privacy. The community has 24/7 security. Bridle paths line the driveway to any estate home. Come live in Palm City, Florida and enjoy that lifestyle of Town and Country Living.  See for more information. Listing agent much accompany.
                                                                                                                                                                                         "Live the Old Florida lifestyle in Palm City, Florida".

Carol Barron-Cross, Yanick Realty
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Take a look at these listing. You will find plenty of value in these listings.  There are lots in Stuart-West in Palm City, Florids. Stuart-West is a beautiful gated community with tropical surroundings and upscale equestrian and country homes estates.  Or, live in Jupiter Farms, near all the huge shopping malls, and build a mini estate on five acres. My Jupiter Farms listings have beautiful Old Florida settings and perfect for Town and County living.  Go over to the West Coast and enjoy the beaches near St. Pete but still enjoy the country lifestyle on your acre home place or a mini Gentleman's Farm of six acres.  These are all beautiful and competitively price for today's market. No short sales to have to wait and wait, but normal sales where the prices are just as short sales.  Go south a little to Myakka City and see Moss Creek Farms.  This lush 50 acre property is just gorgeous.  The driveway into the sprawled pasture and lovely farmhouse is stunning.  Meadow Run is a beautiful place to build in Palm City Farms, Fl.  This listing has five acres and has great exposure.  Call for information. Myakka City and Wimauma will have to have me to accompany to show.  Come to Florida and take advantage of these properties.   
"Live the Old Florida lifestyle in Palm City, Florida".

Carol Barron-Cross, Yanick Realty
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Palm Citys Horse Talk: Pristine Martin County Ranches

Martin County Ranches is located near Palm City, Florida and Okeechobee. Privacy, beauty, pristine surroundings, bridlepaths, and upscale homes are being constructed.  This development started when the real estate market turned but the community continued to blossom into a spectacular setting of private 20 acre lots.  I have a twenty acre parcel that is high and dry that is on the market. Also there is a 24 plus acre parcel just across the street. These acres could be combined to have a huge estate. Please call for pricing information. West Palm Beach airport is thirty minutes away. Live the lifestyle of Town and County in Martin Ranches.--
"Live the Old Florida lifestyle in Palm City, Florida".

Carol Barron-Cross, Yanick Realty
772 283 6582

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Stuart-West 4 Acre Lot, Palm CIty, Florida - 4.09 Acres of Land for Sale in Palm City, Florida FL - FREE Ads

Check out this website I found at

Check it out.

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Just listed: 607 East, Butch Cassicy Trail, Wimauma, FL 33598 for $329,900

Wimauma, Florida. Near highway 75. Good location for access to St. Pete, Tampa, Bradenton, or Sarasota. This six acre farm has a huge barn to use for auto, storage of boat, horses, or just have fun. Property has four board fencing and gated. Located near the Manatee State Park. Competitively priced. Concrete Block Constructed. Upscale amenities.

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Just listed: 3265 SW StoneyBrook Way, Palm City, FL 34990 for $163,000

Palm City Farms, Palm City, Florida. Beautiful equestrian gated community. Also, Country Homes Estate property. Five acre parcels and beautiful access through 24/7 security gates. Competitive pricing. See my information.

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Just listed: 9666 North 167th Place, Jupiter, FL 33478 for $259,000

Jupiter Farms, Jupiter, Florida, Equestrian, Rental income property. Five stables, five acres. gated paddocks, and large lake on property. Nice building site. Competitively priced as land value. This is a very good price and good GRM.

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Just listed: 16550 East 97th Way, Jupiter, FL 33478 for $369,000

Jupiter Farms, Jupiter, Florida, Income property. Competitively priced for land value. Older home has use. It is being lived in at this time. Suggestion: Guest Home, Office,...Build your dream home amongst the Old Florida Palms and enjoy all the rare fruit trees that are planted on the property. Property overlooks a five acre lake. Next door contiguous to this property is another five acres that is for sale for $259,000. It produces $1,200 each month as a stable that rents board for horses. Call for more information. Very competitive prices on this property and its next door five acres.

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Just listed: 2200 SW San Antonio Drive, Palm City, FL 34990 for $225,000

Palm City Farms, Palm City, Florida, Stuart-West Subdivision. Tropical surroundings, lush homes, beautiful bridle paths and convenient to travel are all good reasons to build in this 24/7 gated community. Upscale community with lots averaging from 2 to eight acres. Enjoy equestrian living with your barn next to your home or build a country estate on this lovely two plus acres. Great exposure, Eastern. Located next to a preserve. Privacy for sure. For more information,

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Just listed: Busch S W Busch Street, Palm City, FL 34990 for $1,200,000

Palm City Farms, Palm City, Florida. Location, Location, nice Key West home, designed for western pleasure, nice granit counter tops, rock fireplace, rocking chair porch, over looks pond. Twenty acres with a 12 stall barn. Move in ready. Start business the day you move into this cattle or horse operating farm.

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Just listed: 6801 East 283rd Street, Myakka City, FL 34251 for $995,000

Myakka City, Moss Creek Farm, 50 acres, private, huge pole barn, lovely farmhouse, beautiful pastures and gorgous moss covered trees. All fenced and ready for any business operation. Seller will hold some owner financing. for more information.

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Just listed: 4100 Highway 360 Lot 5 and 6 and lot 2, Tellico Plains, TN 37385 for Not specified

Tellico Plains, Tennessee, HGTV's number 7 selected Most Beautiful Drive in the US. The Red Wood Forest was #1. I have visited each of these drives and Tellico Plains Highway 360 is my number one. Come visit this country side and see this arts and crafts village, mountains, lakes, brooks, and be convenient to everything. See for more information.

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Just listed: 4000 Highway 360, Tellico Plains, TN 37385 for $137,268

Gorgeous property in lovely Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Located within 30 minutes of Knoxville, Gatlingburg and Cades Cove. Build a beautiful log home here and enjoy what nature gave us. Beautiful views.

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Just listed: 3436 SE 67th Way, Okeechobee, FL 33491 for $329,000

New equestrian community located near Okeechobee and Palm City, Florida. Call for more information. See

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Palm City Equestrian Properties: Our Week In Review: "See Wimauma Property"

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Our Week In Review: "See Wimauma Property"

PALM CITY'S HORSETALK:   by Horsetalkgirl

OVERVIEW ~ June 7 through June 11 ~ The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) began the week at 9931.97, having declined in the face of the prior week’s disappointing employment report and on-going concerns about debt issues in several of the world’s nations. By the end of the week, though, the DJIA had risen 2.8%, to 10211.07, in the face of very little news that would support its climb. A plausible explanation for this is that the DJIA has a tendency to rise when the general belief is that the economic recovery is continuing in spite of many concerns.

The price of gold gave contrary signals, also; it began the week at a very high 1239.30 and, despite the ups and downs of the stock market indices, the price of oil and the exchange rate of the euro, gold remained above 1220 for the remainder of the week. In other words, even as a rising DJIA signaled a bit more willingness to invest where the risk is a bit higher than it is in gold, the strength of gold still suggested that a large number of investors were unwilling to move their wealth out of this safest of safe investment havens.

FOCUS ~ Retail Sales (where the economy moves from Wall Street to Main Street) for May showed a marked decline of 1.2%.

Consumer purchases make up about two-thirds of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Without strong retail sales, we cannot have a strong economy. Indeed, analysts frequently assert that we need better employment figures to have better retail sales data. And to have greater real estate sales volume we need both strong employment growth and retail sales figures.

These retail sales figures, we should remind ourselves, represent only one month. We need more data before we try to reach definitive conclusions. March and April figures, for a slew of technical reasons, may have been higher than they should have been, and the current numbers turn out to be 7% higher than their year-ago levels.

Still, the report raises more unanswered questions about the strength of the recovery, precisely the kind of questions that made this week’s numbers jump around so much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Myakka City, Florida. Featured Home,,MY WEEKLY REPORT


OVERVIEW ~ May 31 through June 4 Monday was, of course, a holiday, so the market week began on Tuesday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) registering 10136.63 at the opening. Tuesday’s close brought a 1.1% loss to the DJIA. By Thursday’s close, the DJIA had risen about 2.3%, the first back-to-back gain of the current year. On Friday, though, the stocks markets dropped in response to the weak employment report and word from Hungary that it too was facing severe debt problems. Interest rates fell on Friday’s market action, with the 10-year T-note reaching 3.197%.

FOCUS ~ The Employment Report ~ A total of 431,000 payroll jobs were added in May, and the unemployment rate fell again to its March level of 9.7%. Ostensibly, this seemed to be good news until analysts looked slightly deeper.

Only 41,000 of the new payroll jobs were created by the private economy; the remainder were temporary census jobs that will soon disappear. Job formation, in other words, was very weak. And the move back to a 9.7% rate of unemployment suggested people who had been looking for jobs simply stopped: There really wasn’t an increase among the number of them who found employment so much as there was a decrease among those actually confident enough in the recovery to seek a job.

There are sources of mild optimism to be found in the fine print of the employment report. The number of hours worked by private sector employees has risen 4.9% over the last three months. And private wages income, combined with higher hourly earnings, rose by about 0.6% in May. Further, the manufacturing sector has shown a 12.1% increase (annualized) in hours worked over the last three months.

These increases in the number of hours worked suggest that employers may need to hire more workers relatively soon. But they are not convincing market investors that the economic recovery is still on a firm, upward path. Indeed, many analysts feel that the economy could slow now as easily as it could strengthen. This helps to explain the very uncertain course the market indices have been following, as they fail to establish a seemingly sustainable trend for longer than a few days at the most.

The employment report didn’t build a convincing case for either a slowing or a speeding up of the recovery.

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Palm City Equestrian Properties: Luxury Home Sales Has Increased

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This wonderful property was just reduced for a quick sale. Six acres, near Tampa, Fl and St. Pete. Nice property and motivated seller.

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Luxury Home Sales Has Increased

Wimauma, Florida, Six acre farm in upscale Sundance Subdivision.  Just reduced yesterday for immediate sale. $329,900.  Beautiful upscale barn, cbs construction, wood burning fireplace, four board fencing and near all equestrian activities.  Must see!
Call for appointment.  This is a deal.  Check it out on my website


Our Ecomony in Review: 

OVERVIEW ~ May 24 through May 28 ~ Another very active week ended with a slight gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Friday’s close, though, fell to 10136.63, nearly 1.2% below the prior day’s higher close. More important, the story during this week was really about hour-to-hour changes more than about day-to-day movements. Monday began with fears about European credit problems eroding the stock market indices in the Far East. The DJIA dropped significantly when it opened, but managed to limit its losses by the close of the day. And so it went, throughout the week, with concerns about the stability of the euro dragging share prices down over the whole world, but with the American stock exchanges holding their own for the most part.

FOCUS ~ In the midst of this unusual and unpredictable activity in the stock and credit markets, luxury homes have been making a surprising comeback, according to a May 28 report in The Wall Street Journal. Sales volume has risen sharply, reaching levels not seen since 2005 in some of the nation’s luxury markets.

The Wall Street Journal cited a study by real estate consulting firm CoreLogic®, which found that sales of homes priced from $2 million to $5 million in our nation totaled 2,461 in the first quarter of this year. That’s a 32% jump from sales totals of last year’s first quarter.

Sales are very strong in some expected places. In San Francisco, 49 homes sold for $2 million or more in the first quarter, beating out 2005 first quarter sales by 2 homes. In Manhattan, there were 402 sales of homes at $2 million or more in the first quarter, compared to 311 in the first quarter of 2005. And sales have even been a bit better in the still-devastated real estate markets of Las Vegas and Miami. Other strong areas include the Hamptons in New York, and Menlo Park and Beverly Hills in California.

Historically, luxury home sales respond more to the strength in our stock markets than to lower interest rates. The year’s run-up in the stock markets very likely brought buyers into the luxury home market, but analysts are concerned that the recent drop in stock market indices may slow the luxury market rebound.

Still, the stock markets are extraordinarily difficult to predict. They may resume their upward movement; and they may not. But the fact that we have seen such a rebound at all suggests unexpected strengths in the upper end of the real estate market and, perhaps, in the real estate market as a whole. Luxury home sales figures are well worth continuing to watch closely.